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Learning to grow auspicious clouds star series report 18

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Xinghuoliaoyuan Xiangyun "Star"   Learning and growing auspicious clouds star series report 18 Youth wisdom presents auspicious clouds----Remember Zhong Juan, the salary performance manager of Xiangyun Co., Ltd. Human Resources Department, learning and growing auspicious clouds star series report 18   Zhong Juan, female, October 1993 Yuesheng, bachelor degree, from Wuxue. He graduated from Yangtze University majoring in agricultural resources and environment in 2015 and entered the company as a fresh graduate. He has been engaged in human resource management and has held positions in training, recruitment, salary and other positions. Now he is the salary performance manager of Xiangyun's human resources department. Won the title of "Outstanding Female Worker" twice in 2017 and 2019. In 2019, he was awarded the title of "Outstanding Youth" and "Outstanding League Leader" in Wuxue City.    At work, Zhong Juan always completes various tasks proactively with full working enthusiasm, correct working attitude and strong sense of responsibility. She often gives up rest, strengthens her studies, and works pragmatically. She has been affirmed by department leaders and colleagues. Optimize the process to improve efficiency. In February 2019, when Zhong Juan just took over the salary performance, due to the inadequate handover, some employees’ salaries were sent incorrectly. Caused losses, but Zhong Juan blamed herself very much. She found that each month's salary needs to manually enter the employee's basic salary, performance, appraisal and other relevant data. This is not only a "big project", but also has a high error rate, so that the work efficiency is extremely low and the result is half the effort.   In terms of work, Zhong Juan is an "impatient". She feels that this is a mechanical job, and management processes must be optimized, and this repetitive work process must be changed through information technology. So, with such thinking, she took the initiative to find the Ministry of Information Technology. After a month of repeated experimentation and communication, a salary restructuring process was set up. In the past, it took two days to enter employee salary-related data, but now it only takes half an hour to query related data by entering the employee's ID in the system. The emergence of this process has greatly reduced the workload of various comprehensive offices and financial affairs.   Every month, Zhong Juan guarantees timely, accurate, reasonable and compliant payment of remuneration in strict accordance with the time node. She collected various amoeba salary distribution plans, reviewed and calculated strictly in accordance with the plans and company system documents, and conducted random inspections and supervisions on the salary announcements on a monthly basis to ensure that employees' salaries were paid in a reasonable and compliant manner. In the salary reform and adjustment in 2019, she achieved the salary package reform for college students, front office, and logistics staff, without complaints and objections, and realized the seamless connection and conversion of the company's salary reform. Expanding channels to carry out training   The most scarce resource of an enterprise is not money, but ideas and thinking. In order to attract a large number of high-quality talents, Zhong Juan recruited 71 college students through campus recruitment. She actively promotes the monthly evaluation and tracking mechanism for college students, and keeps track of the status of college students' entry and job growth in time.  In order to strengthen the management of induction training for new employees, so that they can become familiar with and adapt to the company's culture, system and behavioral norms as soon as possible. Zhong Juan organizes new employee training once a month and trains nearly 700 people every year. After the training, the passing rate of employees' exams reached 98%.   While doing his job well, Zhong Juan also cooperated with the company's Youth League Committee to carry out related work, organizing more than 20 Youth League activities, such as May Fourth activities, volunteer activities, New Year's Day party, Christmas party, etc. Through the development of a series of activities, a platform for communication, exchange and learning among young employees has been built, and the centripetal force and cohesion of young employees have been improved.  Zhong Juan said that in the future, she will continue to strengthen her professional knowledge learning and obtain a human resource management qualification certificate to lay a solid foundation for good salary performance management. Short comment:   Youth is beautiful. The best way to retain youth is to choose to study while studying, to choose to work hard at the stage of hard work, and to choose to struggle at the age of struggle. Because time will not go back, youth will never come again.  Youth is brilliant. The best way to keep your youth i
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Chairman Hu Huawen was elected as the sixth chairman of Huanggang Entrepreneurs Association

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Themeetingreviewedandapprovedthedraftamendmentstothe"Articles"ofthetwoassociations;thenewleadershipmembersofthetwoassociationswereelected.   HuHuawenwaselectedasthe6thPresidentofHuanggangEntrepreneursAssociation   ZhouJinpingwaselectedasthechairmanofthe3rdHuanggangEnterpriseFederation   NewsfromthisstationOnApril18,thefirstmeetingofthesixthcouncilofHuanggangEntrepreneurAssociationandthefirstmeetingofthethirdcouncilofHuanggangEnterpriseConfederationwereheldinWuxueLongtanHotel.TianXiaoming,deputydirectoroftheMunicipalCommissionofEconomyandInformationTechnology,presidedoverthemeeting.ThemeetingreviewedandapprovedthedraftamendmentstotheArticlesofAssociationofthetwoassociations;electedthenewleadershipmembersofthetwoassociations;reviewedandpassedthe"DecisionontheAppointmentofConsultants,AppointmentofHonoraryPresidents,andExecutiveVicePresidentsoftheExecutiveVicePresidents";deliberatedandpassedthe"DecisionsontheAppointmentofConsultants,AppointmentofHonoraryPresidents,andExecutiveVicePresidents"StandardofMembershipFees.HuHuawenwaselectedasthesixthchairmanofHuanggangEntrepreneursAssociation;ZhouJinpingwaselectedasthethirdchairmanofHuanggangEnterpriseFederation.   Atthemeeting,thenewlyelectedpresidentsofthetwoassociationsHuHuawenandZhouJinpingmadespeechesrespectively.Theysaidthattheywillkeepthepurposeinmind,fulfilltheirduties,dotheirbesttogivefullplaytothefunctionsoftheassociation,uniteandleadentrepreneursandenterprises,andmakenewandgreatercontributionstotheeconomicandsocialdevelopmentofHuanggang.
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