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The national civilized unit-Hubei Xiangyun (Group) Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large-scale chemical enterprise mainly producing phosphate and compound fertilizer. It is a fixed-point processing enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and is the six major phosphorus supported by the Hubei Provincial Government. Chemical Group. Xiangyun Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxue City, Hubei Province, which is known as the “three provinces and seven counties Tongyu”. 

50th anniversary
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Municipal Party Committee Secretary Hao Shengyong awarded Xiangyun the certificate of "National Civilized Unit"

Municipal Party Committee Secretary Hao Shengyong awarded Xiangyun the certificate of "National Civilized Unit"

OntheafternoonofDecember21st,WuxueCityfocusedonwatchingavideoandtelephoneconferenceontheconstructionofspiritualcivilizationintheprovinceandwasheldattheMunicipalTelecommunicationsBureau.CityleadersHaoShengyong,CaiJun,XuPingquanandothersattendedthemeeting.Theheadsofrelevantdepartmentsatthetownshipandmunicipallevelattendedthemeeting.Themeetingreadoutthecommendationdocumentsofprovincialcivilizedunitsandcivilizedvillagesandtowns.    Afterwatching,HaoShengyong,SecretaryoftheMunicipalPartyCommitteeandDirectoroftheStandingCommitteeoftheMunicipalPeople'sCongress,awardedtheawardstotheunitsandcollectiveswhowonthetitlesof"NationalCivilizedVillagesandTowns"and"NationalCivilizedUnits".

Xiangyun Co., Ltd. will rely on the capital market to adjust the development strategy, do a good job in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, carry out a comprehensive layout around the two core industries of ammonium phosphate and compound fertilizer, gradually form a new development pattern of agricultural fertilizer, fine chemical industry, chemical trade and agricultural services, and further consolidate the phosphate ore business, ammonium phosphate business, compound fertilizer business, trade business and chemical business The great goal of "one hundred year dream and one hundred billion auspicious clouds" has laid a solid foundation.



Xiangyun chemical is a national key high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D, production and sales of phosphorus and fine chemicals. The company has a provincial enterprise technology center, has been with Huazhong University of science and technology, Wuhan University of technology, Wuhan University of technology and other colleges and universities, many colleges and universities maintain a good relationship of production, learning, research cooperation. Under the enterprise technology center, there are well-equipped Fine Chemical Research Institute and Phosphorus Chemical Research Institute.




Pan Tang, Wuxue City, Huanggang City, Hubei Province