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 Hubei Xiangyun (Group) Chemical Co., Ltd is mainly in the production of phosphate and compound fertilizer of large-scale chemical enterprise, is one of six phosphorus chemical industry group of Hubei provincial government key support. After 10 years of rapid development, Xiangyun now have become:

1.The country's largest agricultural monoammonium phosphate production base-1.2 Million metric tons;

2.The largest industrial phosphoric acid ammonium production base-600,000 metric tons;

3. The country's largest production base of high purity potassium dihydrogen phosphate-50,000 metric tons;

4. With 2 million tons compound fertilizer production scale among the best in the country.

Supporting the production of sulfuric acid, ammonia and other products, and the use of phosphate associated by-product magnesium hydroxide, fluoride and other products. December 2015, auspicious clouds shares (Stock Code: 834607) successfully listed on the new board.

Xiangyun company is located in the "thoroughfare of seven provinces county" of Wuxue City of Hubei Province, the Beijing Kowloon Railway and Shanghai and Chongqing high-speed intersection in this. Company is located near the north shore of the Yangtze River,with our own 19 river'ports, the annual cargo throughput of 20 million tons, traffic is very convenient, with a unique geographical advantage.

After Join the INTERNATIONAL FERTILIZER ASSOSIATION(IFA) in 2014, XIANGYUN have been exported 400,000 tons phosphate fertilizer to Brazil, South-America, America, India and so on. With the better quality and bette service, Xiangyun have already famous in the world market.

Xiangyun shares in Yichang have 15.12 square kilometers of mineral resources, has proven reserves of phosphate rock 1.93 million tons, the economic value of nearly billion yuan, will be fully guaranteed supply of raw materials, effectively reduce the production cost. At the same time, the company still in Heze, Xiangyang, Lichuan, built compound fertilizer, sulfur resource base, its has more than a dozen points (sub) company, formed a production and sales, research and development of science and technology, commodity trade and natural resources development pattern of the whole industrial chain.

Xiangyun company attaches great importance to the enterprise technology innovation, comprehensive utilization of phosphorus resources and new product development, and the establishment of post doctoral scientific research workstation, academician expert workstation. The company technology center for the provincial-level technology center, Hubei Province phosphorus resources comprehensive utilization of engineering and technology center, now has more than 70 items of national patent certificate, a strong impetus to the rapid development of enterprises. Auspicious clouds for many years won the top 500 enterprises, Chinese China chemical fertilizer enterprise 100, 100 enterprises in Hubei province.

Facing the future, Xiangyun shares will rely on capital markets to adjust development strategy, best traditional industry transformation and upgrading, comprehensive layout around the two core industrial ammonium phosphate and compound fertilizer, and gradually form a new pattern for agricultural fertilizer, fine chemical, chemical trade, agricultural services development, further consolidate the ammonium phosphate business, business of compound fertilizer, chemical business, trade business, for the company to achieve the dream of a hundred years, hundreds of billions of the clouds "great auspicious Yunmeng lay a solid foundation.